7 Days of Tote-al Love

February 3, 2015 Posted by Tracey - 2 Comments

Day 3
Pete Gram’s necklace.

We called them Pete Gram and Pete Grampie. Their first names were Helen and Ivan. What’s with the Pete then, you wonder. My other grandparents were Train Gram and Train Grampie…first names Helen (Nellie) and Gordon. What in the world…?

I’m not sure how this started but since we called both sets of grandparents Gram and Grampie, we had to distinguish them somehow. Pete Gram and Pete Grampie had a dog named Pete. Train Gram and Train Grampie…Grampie was a train conductor.

My grandparents have all have since past on, the most recent, Pete Gram. As you can imagine, there are an abundance of memories but one thing that I tote-ally love is not something that I have a memory of. You see, when I was younger I moved from Nova Scotia to Ontario in search of a career. I didn’t write often and in the last few years not a lot of visits for me down east (don’t judge, life just works out that way). So I feel that I lost touch with my Pete Gram. Most of my memories of her are from my ‘growing up’ years. She was Pete Gram to me not Helen MacKenzie. Your grandparents, just like your parents, don’t have a life outside this role. It’s a weird realization when you discover yes they do indeed have a life.

Her funeral definitely warranted a trip home for me. In the months that followed I received a few pieces of jewelry that belonged to my Pete Gram. One was a necklace with a heart pendant. I have no memory of my Gram wearing this necklace and yet I have not taken it off. It makes me feel closer to her and in fact, I feel closer to her now than ever before. I sense her presence and I’m so grateful that she is watching over me, guiding me when I need help. I found out after Pete Gram past away that she loved hearts and the colour pink. The colour pink! I’m sad that I did not have ‘grown up’ conversations with my Pete Gram while she was alive to know her as Helen MacKenzie but I’m having them now. Heart hug, Pete Gram.

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