7 Days of Tote-al Love

February 4, 2015 Posted by Tracey - 4 Comments

Day 4
I have Tote-al Love for spiders…said Tracey never.

I’ve never paid much attention to religion or spirituality…never gave it much thought really. Then about 7 years ago I found myself questioning things. Where the heck was I going? I wasn’t feeling very strong or confident, lost even. I started reading self help / positive thinking books like “The Secret”.

I read and read and read. I talked to psychics, personal coaches, and what I believed to be the ‘universe’. I asked the ‘universe’ to send me some clues and in my naivety I figured I would get lovely handwritten notes instructing me on my next step in my journey. Yea not so much.

So when I begged the universe for some clues, they sent me…spiders. Lots and lots of them over the past 7 years. Anyone who knows me knows how terrified I am of them. The universe must hate me…why would they send me spiders? Am I doing something so wrong? Well, it took me nearly 7 years to figure it out and I don’t see them so much anymore. I believe them to be my totem animal (ironic, eh?) and it was one way for the universe to get my attention. Well it certainly worked. I’m listening!

It’s been an exceptional chapter in my journey and I’ve learned so much from the spiders.
• There are so many varieties! I’ve seen some pretty fascinating colours on spiders.
• I’m not terrified of them anymore. (They still freak me out a little.)
• They represent creativity, balance, and communication
• Where you see them is important…so take note.

So, while I don’t Tote-ally Love spiders, I am Tote-ally Grateful for their presence in my life.

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