7 Days of Tote-al Love

February 6, 2015 Posted by Tracey - 2 Comments

Day 6
Tote-al Love for Sophia, my niece.

Sophia is my sister’s daughter but I like to think she has a fabulous amount of my personality. She’s an 8 year old girly girl who loves shoes, handbags, clothes that sparkle and the colour pink. When she was three, she used to hug her shoes and say “I love you, shoes.” When she was six, she wondered why she was the only one in the neighborhood that could run in heels. She loves to sing and dance and give her Aunt Tay-Tay random hugs. She always says ‘Love yoooou’ when we finish talking on the phone.

Like any Aunt, I suppose, I think Sophia is the sweetest, cutest, smartest, lovable little squishy niece in the whole world. I’m okay that every Aunt thinks the same way…afterall, how could we go wrong with so much love?

I don’t see Sophia as much as I would like (we live in different provinces) but regular connections with her Mom keep me in the loop. So whether it’s ballet lessons, experimenting with makeup and hair colour, or how she finds new ways to annoy her little brother, Aunt Tay-Tay is always there in spirit.

Last year, I made her an overnight tote. Pink fun fur that looked like it was covered with little pink roses. She was so excited about it…she kept calling her girlfriends asking for a sleep over just so she could use her tote.

Sophia has fierce fashion independence…she’ll decide what top she wants to wear and what bottoms she wants to wear and doesn’t care if they match. She wears whatever makes her happy. Who says your socks have to match? Mine don’t half the time either.

So, to my fabulous glamour girl, Sophia, may you always continue to sparkle inside and out, never match your socks, and dance like no one is watching. Love you too.