A few loose terms…

March 2, 2015 Posted by Tracey - No Comments

A few loose terms…

Here at Villa Valise, we throw around a few terms rather loosely. Creative license, I say!

Any descriptions are meant to be cosmetic and fun not necessarily literal but the core message (any message from Villa Valise) is created with honesty, well thought out meaning and good intentions.

But just to make sure we are on the same page…
Vegan fur…not real fur. It’s faux fur. Saying vegan fur makes it trendy, I guess.

Tartan vs Plaid…we prefer the term tartan..what can I say…my background is Scottish. Here’s an explanation of tartan vs plaid: All tartans are plaid, but, not all plaids are tartan.
All plaids and tartans are comprised of stripes. With most every tartan, the pattern on the stripes running vertically is exactly duplicated on the horizontal axis too. When looking at a simple plaid, you’ll notice that the stripes — either in color, size, or pattern — are not the same in both directions. ~ says Scot Meacham Wood

Diamonds, crystals, gold…not the real thing here. (Unless it’s requested for a custom tote.) But my embellishments… they do sparkle. Rhinestones are real faux diamonds.

Fabulous…oh no not that term. I don’t throw that word around – when I say fabulous I mean fabulous!

Buckles … not really buckles more like sliders but buckles is an easier term.

Men’s ties…yup, real ties. Upcycled from a variety of sources.

Upcycling…(re-used, recycled, re-purposed, pre-loved…upcycle is one of those trendy terms) Some but not all the sparkly embellishments are upcycled. Fabric is generally not upcycled unless it is provided by a client for a custom tote.

Animal prints…obviously not real animal. I don’t even use leather or vegan leather. Not that I’m against it. I just prefer the variety you get with fabrics in their texture and colour.