Villa Valise is a Canadian design company specializing in women’s totes suitable for Diva’s, Princesses, and Girly Girls.

Each Villa Valise tote is one-of-a-kind, uniquely inspired with its own story, designed and hand crafted by me. Inspiration for my collections include glamour girls, the fabulous tartans of Scotland, and feminizing the look of a well dressed man into a tote.

Interested in a one of a kind tote designed exclusively for you? Click:  Custom Design Experience for details about your Villa Valise Custom Design Experience. Also, a fabulous way for 4 gals to get together and we’ll design a custom one of a kind tote for each of you. How fabulous would that be, darlings?

I am not a one-in-a-million kind of girl. I am a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman.

A few things you should know about Tracey and Villa Valise …

  • Wear whatever makes you happy (but be warm/cool enough)
  • All embellishments are hand stitched, not glued
  • I don’t believe in seasons for fashion (see point number 1)
  • Every Villa Valise tote is treated with Scotchgard™
  • I use the word fabulous a LOT
  • For you corporate divas…large Villa Valise totes (18”x12”) will hold a legal sized file folder
  • An accessory can dramatically change an outfit
  • Every Villa Valise tote lining is pretty and always coordinates (sometimes it’s quirky)
  • Villa Valise totes are designed with balance, positive energy, a great deal of thought right down the perfect zipper, and ALWAYS with something shiny or sparkly
  • If your webbing straps begin to fray, just snip off the fraying ends…it’s the nature of webbing, but it won’t go past the stitch line
  • Who says you have to match? Quirky is way more interesting…so are you.
  • ABOVE ALL ELSE, we believe in pink, rhinestones, feather boas, and every women should have at least one item in her closet that is one-of-a-kind, reflects her personality, and reminds her of how special and unique she is.


When it rains on your parade, just put on really cute boots.

The Villa Valise Guarantee
I feel very strongly about saying my totes are ONE OF A KIND. In fact, if you meet another Villa Valise tote exactly the same as yours, I will refund BOTH purchases AND give you both (free of charge) a custom designed tote.
Villa Valise – Not your every day tote!

Meet Our Team

Design Team

Founder Tracey MacKenzie is all about making your own personality statement. She loves to create unique totes for today’s woman, using innovative combinations of textures, materials, and sparklies to reflect you and what you care about.

Production Manager

Tracey ensures no two totes are identical. Whether your tote is one-of-a-kind or custom, each one is uniquely made and handcrafted with care.

Sales, Marketing, & Client Services

Tracey takes pride in serving her clients on an individual basis. Her priority is your complete satisfaction and delight in your personal, one-of-a-kind tote.

Super Woman

Photography, bookkeeping, planning, cleaning up, events, social media, shipping, hangtags, etc. You get the point – it’s just me, Tracey!