Fancy Hats: A story of inspiration

September 9, 2014 Posted by Tracey - No Comments

Every June, the Queens Plate takes place in Toronto. I went one year with my Aunt Marion to celebrate her birthday. We were in awe seeing all the fancy hats and how lovely the ladies looked. This year the only thing I got to see were the TV ads…but oh those hats! Then it struck me…how lovely would it be to create a collection of totes inspired by those fancy hats.

Well, it seems kinda silly but my inner designer took over. I played with fabric, lining, fancy feather trims, glass pearls, and lace for hours! So girly and glamorous! I settled on 7 designs and then thought…oh dear…this is going to be a lotta work. But they would be so pretty(!)…so I got to work. Hand stitching all the trims in place, adding an inside pocket and zipper closure. It took me 3 days to complete them. Ahh…finished!

Now how to package them? Well, fancy hats come in a fancy hat box…so it dawned on me that fancy hat totes should also come in a coordinating fancy hat tote box! So…are you a fancy hat kinda lady? May I suggest that you should have a fancy hat tote too darling! Make yourself a cup of tea and browse around.