I got knocked down

January 8, 2015 Posted by Tracey - No Comments

I had a major setback here at Villa Valise at the end of 2014. Oh yes, I got knocked down. I needed to calm my nerves, my fear and my anger in the only way I know how these days…in my studio. After some time of designing, playing with fabric and sparklies, sewing, conversing with the universe and listening to spa music, I emerged feeling stronger and more determined than ever before. And, with the first tote I’ve ever designed just for me…a (vegan) polar bear tote! I love the symbolism of a polar bear…the most ferocious of the bear family at the top of the food chain with no enemies (other than humans). I’m feeling pretty ferocious myself (in a good and happy way) about 2015 now. While the polar bear may not get knocked down… I probably will again but you know what? Not for long. Bring it on, baby.