It’s a MAGICAL tote!

October 9, 2014 Posted by Tracey - No Comments

You guys remember the teal fun fur tote I designed for Carrie – the one that was a gift from a boy?

Well, the boy (Greg) really wanted to do something special for Carrie. So much so that he braved a stormy night with heavy rain, thunder and lightening to pick up this one of a kind tote just for Carrie.

I didn’t hear from him for a week or so and assumed all was good with the tote and then…I saw Greg the other night – he came straight up to me and said, “That was some kind of magical tote you made.” “Do tell!” I said. Knowing that I add a little magic in every design but curious as to how the magic presented itself.

“Carrie is over the moon happy not only with her tote but with me too!”

Sooo Carrie and her friend Greg are now ‘Carrie & Greg’. Awwww! See…the way to a women’s heart is through her accessories.