It’s okay…it’s not for everyone.

August 9, 2014 Posted by Tracey - No Comments

I must say that the hand craft/handmade/artisan life is a tough go of it. Not everyone appreciates your craft. And, that’s okay…it’s not for everyone. For us, it’s a cautious balance of humility and ego when you are so thrilled that someone wants your product and so dismayed when not everyone does.
And then you have those days when you connect with customers and create a wonderfully mutual appreciation. They are in awe of your talent and what you produce, don’t think twice about the price, and as the creator, we have so much appreciation for their appreciation. It’s a spontaneous bond that every artisan lives for.
They are the ones that always introduce themselves, ask you questions, and their eyes sparkle as they take in every detail…every stitch…deciding which one they would take home. And, you know they will keep looking at it long after the purchase that day… on the way to the kitchen, make a place for it on the couch, and a quick peek before bed.
When we create a truly one of a kind piece that customers love, not necessarily for how it makes them look on the outside but how it makes them feel on the inside…and that is, simply…happy, and that makes us simply…happy.
Thank you to ‪#‎porthope‬ , ‪#‎cobourg‬ and all the other towns that we, as artisans, so appreciate.