Pay It Forward, Darlings

August 28, 2015 Posted by Tracey - No Comments

Pay It Forward, Darlings

I had to wipe the tears as I read Laurie’s comments on why her colleague should receive a Pay It Forward tote. And, I had to wipe them away when I read them to Diana.

“I’d like to pay it forward to my colleague Diana. She’s someone I’ve worked with for 12 years at Durham Regional Cancer Center. We work together In the chemo suite. Daily, I watch this lady give everything she has as a nurse to all her patients. She’s always going the extra mile everyday. She works tirelessly to give the best care possible and is always available to help her colleagues. She’s been a mentor for new staff and a resource for even us experienced people. Her gentle nature and quiet sense of humor make her a favorite with the patients.”

Diana’s Letter of Authenticity reads:

“The Diana Tote is a gift…literally and figuratively. A gift from co-worker Laurie, Inspired by Diana herself…who’s a gift to the patients at the Cancer Centre with her gentle nature and quiet sense of humor. Diana works tirelessly to ensure the best possible care. On a personal note, Diana loves pink and a bit of sparkle. And Laurie suspects, has a bit of a silly side.

Thank you, Diana, Laurie, and all the nurses for Paying It Forward every day.