The Story of Stirling

August 24, 2014 Posted by Tracey - No Comments

When Kleo asked me to make a tote for her with her late husbands dinner jacket and tie. I said of course! Then I thought about it…I would only get one chance to create this…one wrong cut and we would all be in tears. I painstakingly pulled out every stitch. Do you guys know how much hand stitching goes into a man’s jacket? phew…a lot! After drawing up and cutting out the pattern, I began to sew.

I swear Stirling’s spirit was there as I created a flower out of his tie and used his gold buttons to embellish. I imagined how happy he would be that Kleo would have tote created in his memory…not hanging on to his ‘things’ but creating something she could use. Kleo told me that Stirling never wore his tie…he always kept it in his pocket. I kept his pocket in tact, that way Kleo can tuck her hand in an pretend to hold his.

I was so honoured to create this tote for her…I was near tears through most of the process and cried when I gave it to her just as my eyes are welling up now remembering.